Practically invisible. Skid resistant.
1/2" square, sheeted. Use on
acrylics,glass,cutting boards,picture frames,
cabinet doors, computers, office and store
equipment .
SQB               pack of 20                  $ 1.39
SZB1           bulk 1000 piesces         $ 42.95
Protects surface.  Makes items easier to
3/8" diameter.    Use on ceramics, acrylics,
picture frames, jewelry boxes, cabinet doors,
computers .
790                  pack of 100             $ 2.75
790B               5000 roll                  $ 59.95
Novus #1 Acrylic and Plastic Cleaner.  Gently cleans
all plastics without scratching. Leaves a lustrous shine
that resists fogging, repels dust, and eliminates
static.Resists finger marking. Contains no abrasives
or harsh chemicals. Leaves a smooth, clean,
greaseless shine.
7026                     2 oz.                     $3.30
7020                     8 oz.                     $6.85
Novus #2 Removes fine scratches, haziness and
abrasions from most plastics. With repeated use, #2
restores faded and discolored plastics. Restores the
finish by removing the damage, instead of filling it in.
And because it buffs out quickly - you get the results you
want without the labor you’d expect. After removing the
damage #2 seals and protects the restored surface with
a layer of polish. The result is a deep shine that resists
scratching, marking and aging.

No offensive odors or toxic risks. #2 is safe to use in
high-volume industrial setting or at home.
7033                     2 oz.                     $4.90
7030                     8 oz.                     $9.50
Novus #3 Removes heavy scratches and abrasions
from most acrylic surfaces. Use when damage is too
severe to be restored with Novus #2 polish. Novus #3
requires use of Novus #2 for final finishing.

7081                     2 oz.                     $ 5.50
7080                     8 oz.                     $ 10.50
Removes heavy scratches and abrasions from most acrylic surfaces. Use
when damage is too severe to be restored with Novus #2 polish. Novus #3
requires use of Novus #2 for final finishing.

To remove heavy scratches and abrasions from acrylic sheet, or just about
any other types of plastics follow these directions:
Remove surface dirt and dust with NOVUS No.1.

Shake well. Test in an inconspicuous area.

Apply Novus #3 liberally. Use a clean, soft cloth, polish with a firm
back-and-forth motion at right angles to the scratches. Keep the cloth
saturated with polish at all times. Continue polishing until only fine scratches
remain. Using the cloth, remove all remaining polish, this is very important!
Using a clean cloth, apply Novus #2 in a circular motion uniformly to entire
surface. Polish using light pressure until Novus #2 dries to a light haze. Using
a clean portion of the cloth, buff the surface clean. Follow with Novus #1 for
best results.

Important Points to Remember: Before attempting to clean or remove
scratches, always make sure the plastic is cool to the touch. Use a liberal
amount of plastic cleaner to safely remove surface dust and dirt. In addition,
test scratch removers in a small or inconspicuous area for compatibility.
Some plastics are coated with a thin film which may be damaged by the
abrasives in the polish. Novus #2 and #3 are not recommended for use on
eyeglass lenses
1    2 oz. NOVUS 1
1    2 oz. NOVUS 2
1    2 oz. NOVUS 3
2    Polish mates

7136                          $13.95
Using the wrong cloth when cleaning plastics can damage the surface !
Standard paper toweling, polyester or rayon cloths can leave scratches in
plastic.  Alleviate this problem by using your plastic cleaning jobs.

NOVUS Plastic Polish Mates offer cloth-like softness in a disposable
These wipers are highly absorbent, abrasion resistant, low lint and extra
durable .
7069                 pack of 6  13" square Mates                                $
Not only is NOVUS the answer to keep all your acrylics looking new , try NOVUS
No. 1
on mannequins, slatwall, and plastic signs. Take some home for your computer,
hot tub,
airplane, boat or motorcycle windshield, microwave, model cars, watches, CD's,
video games, formica, face shields, helmets, storm doors and more ............
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